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Mission Statement
Our professional staff has dedicated themselves to high performance goals as their badge and they wear it ever so proudly. We specialize in accounts receivable collections and bad debt recovery of both corporate and individual debt accounts. We are experienced in all areas of debt recovery including rentals, medical, leases, equipment, services, assignments, lawsuits, defaults, and judgments.

Our company team costs you nothing. We do not charge a fee for you to assign your accounts to our agency. We do not charge you to report your accounts to the credit bureau. You do not need to hire us and we do not send you a bill. We send you money. We share our success with you when we collect.
Yes---you have money that is still out there waiting to be collected. Remember your hard work and the time and talent you invested in the original sale. Let us perform our magic and recover the money that you are legally entitled to have in your pocket. Don't let your accounts die in filing cabinets.

Please make the choice today between procrastination
and satisfaction. What do you have to lose? You have already
lost the money. Let us find it for you!

  • Licensed by the Arizona State Banking Department
  • Bonded and Security of National E & O Insurance for your protection
  • FDCPA certification from Associated Credit Bureaus
  • FDCPA certificate for owners from ACA International
  • National recognized authority on credit and collections
  • Member of American Collectors Association
  • Member of Arizona Collectors Association
  • Member of the National Society of Certified Credit & Collection Professionals
  • Member of the Chamber of Commerce
  • Awarded Degrees CCA, ACCA, CF, ABCE, CCE, CCCE
  • State of the art collection technology
  • Leading edge skip-tracing tools
  • We file liens, bond claims, and legal actions
  • We garnish wages and bank accounts
  • Appeared in 20 of the 23 Justice Courts in Maricopa County
  • We report our collection accounts to the Credit Bureau
  • Affiliated with over 5000 Agencies in United States and 60 Foreign Countries

PO BOX 895, Phoenix, AZ 85001
Tel. 480-634-6045 Fax 480-634-6047
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